Hi, my name is mo. Well, that’s my stage name anyway. My real name is Mr. Flomplemoose. Alright, that’s not actually my real name either. It’s actually Mr. Pamplemoose. Anyway, just in order to move things along let it be noted that my stage and recording name is ‘mo’. Although, I have to admit that lately I’m not sure I really deserve a stage name as it’s been a while since I’ve been on stage. But back in the day, before the internet was everything, I used to gig around London a bit and that was what I was known as.

Back then I did a nice line in blue-eyed soul (although my eyes are actually brown), punk-bossa-nova and slightly odd lounge ballads the lyrics for some of which, on reflection, do worry me a little sometimes.

Anyway, I’ve included some of the older stuff below. There are lots more songs on my Soundcloud too. Logos for anything you see on my Soundcloud are by Craig Yamey.